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Harry and Lord Voldemort are family Unpleasant, yet inevitable in the small, slightly incestuous wizarding world. The key to this is Harry’s Invisibility Cloak, which was left to him by his father, James, a direct descendant of Ignotus Peverell — one of the three brothers who possessed one hallow a means to achieve immortality apiece and became the stuff of wizarding legend. Much as Harry and Voldemort share a prophesy and a phoenix feather in their wands, they also share the Peverells, hence why the Dark Lord was in possession of another hallow: Savvy readers would have sussed this out from careful reading of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but JK Rowling confirmed that the pair are “distantly related” through the Peverells, saying: Professor Dumbledore is gay One of Rowling’s best-received revelations, and yet also one she continues to explain and defend. Hogwarts’ Headmaster came out of the closet in when Rowling was reading her final novel at Carnegie Hall, New York. According to fansite The Leaky Cauldron , Rowling got a “prolonged ovation” for announcing that Dumbledore was in love with the great, and latterly dark, wizard Grindelwald. Now the stuff of Potter legend, Rowling said that this character trait was news to even the Potter film scriptwriters, adding: Ron and Hermione need marriage counselling This one really set the Crookshanks among the pigeons, and sparked a media frenzy after being published on the front page of The Sunday Times.

The Ultimate Harry Potter Fan Quiz: Find Out Which House You Truly Belong In

Links Welcome to the best completed, novel-length, high quality HP fanfic repository! There are stories included in series from the awesome authors totaling a gran number of , , words. Which is , words on average per book! If you read a book like “The Half Blood Prince” , words every day, it would take you days to finish the stories of this page.

The people on this site are obviously not the people in here. And that’s kind of what makes it terrible; everyone here is an actual fan. Those are people looking for another Tinder.

By Chris Wilson Updated: October 16, 3: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin. Over the years, many sites have aimed to answer that question with multiple-choice quizzes drawn from anecdotes in the seven books. For the complete quiz, click here. To accomplish this, we worked with the researchers to develop a question quiz compiled from several well-established scientific personality surveys, choosing questions that related to prevalent themes in the books.

Over several weeks, we recruited hundreds of Harry Potter fans to take this survey on behalf of 20 different characters from the books, five from each House. The tens of thousands of data points we gathered gave us a detailed portrait of how different personality traits correspond to the personalities of members of each of the four Houses.

Find Out Which Harry Potter House Your State Belongs In In the spirit of many other projects where TIME has partnered with social scientists to allow readers to participate in their research, this quiz invites you to anonymously submit your responses to the researchers, which will contribute data to their studies.

Albus Potter

Here, Dobby was laid to rest under a stone bearing the famous inscription, under the watchful care of Harry Potter himself. You could drive it in one, but Pembrokeshire offers so much more to see that at least two days is recommended. Alternately, a local guide can pave your way. From the Freshwater West parking lot, follow the series of walking trails west-southwest towards a tall set of dunes. You should be able to use several deep cuts in the dune fields as a guide; your target is beside the first deep cut nearest the parking lot.

Dec 05,  · The Dating for Muggles site offers a variety of relationships from friendships to more romantic contexts depending on the user’s preference. Those interested can sign up and create an online platform sharing details about themselves as well as their Harry Potter likes/5.

As the heiress to the Most Nobel and Ancient House of Fawley, she grew up amongst the proud, noble, and prejudiced. She was raised to conform to the beliefs that contradicted every At age 15, her mother decided to send her there instead. She was sorted into Ravenclaw and became best friends with many people who would change her life- one more than the others. Daughters of a bounty hunter, she and her twin sister had been home schooled for five years, but a growing feud meant that they were now safer under Dumbledore’s protection.

Millie finds it almost impossible to find her way through her sixth-yea He was sent to live with their aunt and uncle, while she was sent to the comfort of her wonderful godfather, Remus Lupin. He was part of the prophecy to save the entire Wizarding World, while she wasn’t. This is the story of Rosalie Lillian Potter. She never knew her real parents, not really. To everybody else, living the life of a Dumbledore might be great, but n

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Mo’Nique calls for Netflix boycott Mo’Nique calls for Netflix boycott Oscar-winning star Mo’Nique has called on her fans to boycott Netflix, accusing the streaming service of “colour bias” and “gender bias” in the wake of a pay feud. More videos Voldemort gets his own spinoff Independent film company Tryangle is set to release ‘Voldemort: The Origins of the Heir’ online in a few months.

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Severus, whose father was neglectful and possibly even violent, began to identify with his mother’s family and created a secret nickname from his mother’s maiden name, calling himself the “Half-Blood Prince”. His unhappy relationship with his father may have been the origin of his disdain for Muggles. It is implied that Severus was friendless and uncared for by his parents. This lack of care largely shaped Severus’s bitter disposition and cruel behaviour later in his life.

Severus grew up at Spinner’s End , a shabby suburb of Cokeworth. Through the rest of his life, Severus continued to return there when he was not at school. The young Severus is depicted as being unwashed and wearing ill-fitting clothes “that were so mismatched that it looked deliberate”. As a child, Severus was neglected and his parents often fought with one another. He could not wait to leave for Hogwarts at the end of the summer.

J.K. Rowling Confirms Harry Potter Fan Theory About Hermione Once And For All

Harry Potter is, of course, the most famous boy wizard in literature, and probably now eclipses Gandalf too as the most bankable wizard of them all. Just when it looked as though Pottermania was subsiding after the final installment of Deathly Hallows in , last June it was suddenly announced that Rowling was going to add to the franchise in a theatrical way. Harry Potter and The Cursed Child will form the “eighth story in the Harry Potter series and the first official Harry Potter story to be presented on stage “.

In other words, the saga continues… When will all be revealed, and what do we know about the show so far? Expect a red carpet affair to out-dazzle even Leicester Square movie premieres — especially as the theatre was bedecked with Cursed Child paraphernalia three months before the show’s official opening:

8 Nerd Dating Sites To Help You Find Your True Companion. So here’s a list of a bunch of nerd-cultured dating sites that you can feel free to explore. Many of you readers are a part of the Potter generation, meaning you grew up along with the Harry Potter crew. You’ve likely already gone through everything you could on Pottermore.

This article is over 10 years old The online version of the Harry Potter Lexicon has grown to include information about the films She doesn’t court publicity. She doesn’t flaunt her wealth. She has turned a generation of kids on to reading. She has given millions to charity. At a time when most celebs can’t bear to be ignored, JK Rowling has been a model of restraint. As the Harry Potter brand went global, Rowling herself remained distanced, in the public’s imagination, from the grubbier commercial nitty-gritty.

It is as if she was an accidental multimillionaire. It could also be a landmark case, because what is at stake is not just an author’s right to control the publication of secondary works but also the right to publish in book form information that has been previously available on the web. The Harry Potter Lexicon dates back to , when Steve Vander Ark, an American fan of the books, decided to set up a reference website.

The site went live in and grew to include entries on the films and actors and is now run by a volunteer staff of eight who, like me, love the books. In June , Cheryl Klein, Rowling’s editor at Scholastic, Rowling’s US publisher, sent Vander Ark a note that read, “On behalf of the Scholastic Half-Blood Prince editorial staff, I’d like to say thank you for the wonderful resource your site provides for fans, students and indeed editors and copy editors of the Harry Potter series.

We referred to the Lexicon countless times during the editing of HP6, whether to verify a fact, check a timeline or get a chapter and book reference for a particular event. I was also taken to Electronic Arts, the company that was making the video game of the film, and they had printouts of the Lexicon taped all over their walls. But all that changed last year when Vander Ark signed a deal with RDR books to publish part of the Lexicon website in book form.

Harry Potter Fan Club

He meets Scorpius Malfoy on the Hogwarts Express, and hates him from the second he calls the twins “mudbloods. In the Hogwarts Express, Albus met a girl named Sophia mixed of British and Mexican and at once, when he saw her, he was about to fall but James had saved him. Personality and Traits Albus appears to his father’s untidy hair and green eyes. He makes friends easily, and is the first in Albus Potter and the Next Generation to have a girlfriend. He is helpful and resourceful. He is in the Slytherin House, and plays seeker on the house team.

Famous Harry Potter fans include Barack Obama, Jennifer Lawrence, Stephen King, Simon Pegg, Keira Knightley, Matt Smith, Liam Neeson, Seth Rogen, and Guillermo del Toro. Fan sites. There are many fan web sites about Harry Potter on the Internet, the oldest ones dating to about or

Pinterest Find out more by watching this video! Raising this money demanded a lot of work by countless people working together, but it was, no doubt, worth it. When we saw that fans were keen to support it, either by just sharing the idea through social media or by donating, our eyes started shining with emotion, as Katz explains: As I worked day in and day out creating it with dear friends from all around the world, it became clear that that this magical fandom held more than just words and movies.

It also made me look at J. Rowling in a whole new way. Rowling and her books have given us the magic to help others and find a home together as Potterheads. From our hard working fundraising team to the wonderful people supporting our fundraiser, I can now say, without a doubt, magic exists and I am so honoured to be a part of it! Harry Potter in The patients are generally young people, especially woman from 20 to 40 years old.

They suffer from unpredictable symptoms, such as numbness, tingling, mood changes, memory problems, pain, fatigue, blindness, paralysis and more. This time, we have received an extra helping hand in our project: When I created my channel, in , I had in mind to keep the flame of the love that fans always had for Harry Potter and JK Rowling burning. Being able to help Spread the Light is something extremely gratifying for me as a fan of the series and of the woman who still inspires us.

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