Apple orders GitHub to takedown iBoot code following leak

The ability to hit Snooze on messages we want to return to later. Because there are several settings, it can take a while to learn the full range, but it is worth taking the time to experiment. At the website a pop-up window offers the opportunity to chat in real time with a helper. I chatted with Steven, whose response to my question was prompt, helpful and courteous. My inboxes have a tendency to accumulate more emails than I can easily manage. Snoozed messages are put into a special folder that can be opened at any time in Airmail itself or in other mail clients. There is also a quick-response option to let a sender know with a single tap on an icon that the message has been received and read. I’d say it always does this at the most inopportune time, but if you want to write an email and the app freezes and won’t work, that’s always “inopportune.

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Apple’s answer to the Amazon Echo. Being pitched very much as a music speaker, rather than smart assistant pic. The Google Home and Amazon Echo rival is powered by Siri, which can change songs and act as a home assistant. The chip also enhances the sound from the speaker, adjusting the audio based on the size of the room. The updated software includes drag and drop, a new way to switch between apps and a tool bar that are all reminiscent of their equivalent functions on Mac computers.

The tool bar can predict what apps it thinks users are going to want to open next, and drag and drop lets them open side bars easily. Could it be a Siri speaker? It also supports USB 3.

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The new device, set to be unveiled in September, will have a facial recognition security system and an edge-to-edge screen, the leak suggests. New bezel-less form factor as well pic. Earlier reports suggest the iPhone 8 will have an edge-to-edge screen that curves around the device. The iPhone 8 is expected to cost much more than the current models and is likely to be unveiled alongside cheaper iPhone 7s and 7s Plus devices.

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Responsible for launching a trusted boot of iOS, iBoot is the first program that gets kicked into action every time an iPhone is turned on. It ensures that the mobile OS’s kernel is approved by Apple and legitimate for use on an iPhone or iPad. Apple keeps code like this firmly under lock and key and probably a few immaculately designed booby traps, as it’s essential to the core functionality of iOS. Having access to such source code is one way for security researchers to find flaws in source code and report any bugs they might throw up that could be exploited by hackers.

However, making the code public could allow intrepid hackers to sniff around in iBoot and find their own vulnerabilities, only instead of reporting them to Apple, they could tap into the flaws and use them as vectors of attack against iOS. The iBoot source code could also enable programmers to eventually find a way to emulate iOS on devices other than iPhones and iPads, which would be a big thorn in Apple’s closed ecosystem approach.

It is not open source. But by design the security of our products doesn’t depend on the secrecy of our source code. There are many layers of hardware and software protections built into our products, and we always encourage customers to update to the newest software releases to benefit from the latest protections.

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IOS Source Code Has Been Leaked, And This Is Great News For Hackers

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The exposure resulted from an application update issued last May; Although Snap moved quickly to fix it, someone already grabbed a copy and shared it on GitHub. Snap says it has discovered its code on the site, forcing it to issue a request for removal of copyright. Snap confirmed the news to Motherboard, saying that part of the Snapchat code for iOS was left exposed by an update released earlier this year.

It is not clear how long the code was exposed before the Snap realized and corrected the problem. Whatever the duration, another person also noticed and filed the code on GitHub. In a statement to Motherboard, Snap said that his code was removed from GitHub at this time. The exhibit did not in any way compromise the Snapchat community or application, Snap said.

However, Snap had to hit GitHub with a copyright strike to get the source code removed. However, as noted by the Motherboard, copies of the data still exist privately among those who have copied it and, at least based on tweets, some of these individuals are sharing with others. As with anything that makes its way to the Internet, it is impossible to completely eliminate it.

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May 7, 9: Apple seemed to have the best shot among the three tech giants since it controlled both hardware and software experience. Google , on the other hand, is also trying to unify experience with cross-platform syncing on Android and Chrome OS but that experience is still not widely available. Like Apple and Google, Microsoft also envisioned an ability to pause and resume applications and services across multiple devices.

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Tuesday 19 September As with all iOS updates, getting the new software is free, relatively easy and important for security updates if not for new features. Actually getting hold of the software is simple enough. Just head to the Settings app on your phone, click on “general” and then “software update”, and let it do its thing. As soon as the software is released, there’s going to be a huge rush to get hold of it, which might lead to problems with the servers.

So if it doesn’t seem to be working straight away, just wait it out — if you come back later on, everything should be a bit more stable.

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Leak of Stale iOS Source Code Could Trigger Fresh Problems

It has finally been possible to jailbreak iOS 11, and the release of the first ever iOS 11 jailbreak is big news in the community right now. LiberiOS has hit the public domain, promising all the jailbreaking goodness that we have come to expect from the hardware cracks. The goal of managing to jailbreak iOS 11 has proved far from easy, even for the most experienced teams on the planet. Running this solution requires a free developer account, which can be acquired via any existing Apple ID.

Aug 09,  · iOS App Templates & Source Codes. Discover iOS App Templates & Source Codes. These iOS app templates contain full Xcode projects .

Having entities divided allows us to: It is simply rendered by the Controller once the Model is changed. Think of the web page completely reloaded once you press on the link to navigate somewhere else. This dramatically reduces reusability of each of them — that is not what you want to have in your application. For this reason, we skip even trying to write a canonical MVC example. In theory, it looks very straightforward, but you feel that something is wrong, right? Moreover, view controller offloading became an important topic for the iOS developers.

Why does this happen if Apple just took the traditional MVC and improved it a bit? The view controller ends up being a delegate and a data source of everything, and is usually responsible for dispatching and cancelling the network requests and… you name it. How many times have you seen code like this:

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