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Edit John Gilbert and Isobel Flemming found love in each other and then the finally found out they were having a baby. John had a brother, Grayson Gilbert, and he had a wife, Miranda Gilbert. Near birth, Isobel found Grayson and said she needed help. She gave birth to a baby girl, and a thew days later, Isobel disapearred. Grayson and Miranda wanted a baby, but it wasn’t happening, so they decided to adopt the baby girl and called her Elena. Isobel was some how related to Katherine, but it is unknown how. Elena looked exactly like Katherine, and they both drew in the Salvatore brothers, Stefan and Damon. The reason why Elena and Katherine looked alike was because of the curse which is inside Klaus, one of the strongest vampires alive.

The Vampire Diaries 8×16 End Ending: Damon and Elena human together

The CW I am a Delena shipper through and through, which is why it shattered my heart into a million pieces when it was revealed that Elena was put under a sleeping spell at the end of season 6. Unfortunately, while fans like me are still reeling from Damon and Elena’s love story being put on pause, there’s one person who isn’t so into the show pressing the “play” button. In a new interview with E!

May 09,  · In the trailer for ‘The Vampire Diaries’ season seven finale, Damon utters a name that gives us a little ping of hope/wondering/confusion for the return of Elena Gilbert.

Damon came back to Mystic Falls with the sole purpose of bringing back Katherine, the vampire with whom he had fallen in love as a human, and whom he believed had been entombed by Emily Bennett along with all the other vampires in Mystic Falls in Elena constantly forgave Damon from doing horrible things to her, such as killing Jeremy with no guarantee that he would come back, or feeding her vampire blood to ensure she would become a vampire and not die. Elena has admitted she sees the good in Damon and believes he’s worth saving.

Elena began to reciprocate Damon’s feelings for her, though not as strongly. She is another person beside Alaric to call Damon a friend. Their friendship certainly deepened leading them to become best friends. Elena would admit that she cares whether Damon lives or dies. Even when she chose Stefan, Damon continued to still be there for her when she needed somebody. Damon has never lied to her and would always tell her the truth.

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season Finale: Does Elena Choose Stefan or Damon?

Edit Damon and Stefan in , while they were still human. His younger brother Stefan Salvatore is seven years younger than him, and the two were very close when they were human. He joined the Confederate Army at some point, coming back when he was on leave to spend time at the Salvatore Estate. It is unclear when Damon first met Katherine Pierce , but he left the Confederacy and returned to Mystic Falls to spend more time with her.

His father disapproved of what he considered Damon’s poor sense of duty.

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So when you see, you want it to win. And when all is said and done, after going through such a trauma, to be able to grow old and die with your one true love is a beautiful solace in an otherwise difficult time. And you could see it onscreen. It was a very tumultuous back-and-forth relationship. His love for Elena makes him want to protect his birthtown instead of destroying it, as was his original purpose when he arrived.

They form a rocky friendship. Elena has admitted she sees the good in Damon and believes he’s worth saving. Elena begins to reciprocate Damon’s feelings for her, though continues to love Stefan. Their friendship deepens, leading to them becoming best friends. Elena cares whether Damon lives or dies, and even when she chooses Stefan over him, Damon continues to still be there for her when she needs somebody and feels she can’t turn to Stefan about it.

Damon has never lied to her and would always tell her the truth, although he has admitted that he will lie to her if it saves her life. Elena and Damon sleep together after she admits to her feelings. It’s discovered that because Elena had feelings for Damon when she was human and it was his blood which turned her, a sire bond has been created between them.

The Vampire Diaries: Damon & Elena’s 10 Most Romantic Moments From Season Two!

She unlocks the door to run out and is blocked! What is wrong with you, Ben! I told you to watch her. I totally did the eye thing you showed me last night.

The relationship between Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore has been complicated throughout the series but they understand one another and manage to overcome all the obstacles they face. Damon came back to Mystic Falls with the sole purpose of bringing back Katherine, the Started Dating: October 17,

Creaturess of the Night What if Elena chose Damon the night of the lanterns? This is a story of what Damon would do on his and Elena’s first date. There is a very minor disagreement between the “children” and Damon over Elena but will be quickly resolved. Rated T for minor coarse language. Please read and review, because the story is much better than the horrid summary. I was having a bad day and needed to write and this is the result. I hope you like it and I cannot wait to hear your thoughts.

Thank you to all my followers, fans, and reviewers, I am glad to have such sweet fans like you.

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Start the Quiz The Vampire Diaries is one of the longest running vampire shows ever. It ran for a total of eight seasons so there was a lot to remember throughout the entire series. Can you remember when Elena started dating Damon? Or how many times Jeremy “died” in the series only to be brought back to life in some crazy and unimaginable way? How about how the friends got themselves out of some of the toughest situations?

Damon Salvatore is the hero, the protagonist, and one the male leads of The Vampire Diaries. As you may already know, Vampires have exquisite fashion tastes and dating a vampire like Damon implies looking stylish and feminine.

The story has really grown from there to including other magical creatures like werewolves, ghosts, and even hybrids. Over time, the show has also lost many of its main characters and focused more on others that were previously minor characters. The show is now wrapping up with its eighth season. This season kicked off with Damon and Enzo losing their humanity, our characters diving deeper into the vault to find the monster inside it, and more. So how much have the characters changed throughout the series?

The answer is quite a lot when it comes to their stories. After all, Damon Salvatore has to live years without the love of his life since Elena left the show. But this is also an interesting question when it comes to their looks. But eventually his love for Elena softens him and he seeks redemption.

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 5 Spoilers: A Cure for Damon and Elena?

A new sneak peek from ET Online reveals not only the moment these two vamps reunited, but also the reason why it went down the way it did. Elena made the noble choice to settle into a permanent slumber in order to keep her best friend Bonnie Kat Graham alive after resident douchebag witch Kai Chris Wood linked their lives together. Pretty much everyone was convinced that they wouldn’t get to have a conversation with Elena for another 60 years or so, which was definitely hardest on Damon.

Advertisement Yet maybe everyone freaked out about the Elena thing too soon. This is The Vampire Diaries, after all: We now know that Elena and Bonnie’s link came with a major loophole.

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However, she doesn’t feel for him as intensely as he does for her, and she struggles to find a way to tell him without hurting him. The advice she receives from her mother is that it’ll be doing Matt a favor by letting him go. While waiting for her parents to pick her up from a party, Elena meets Damon Salvatore. He tells her that she wants a love that consumes her. However, he then compels her to forget. This encounter is revealed at the end of Season 3. While driving home, the car goes over Wickory Bridge.

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