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This is more intense than I thought! The familiar pale faced-man stood on top of it, watching them. Waiting for their next move, or just waiting for something. Look at the lava! Below them the lava, rises? As the molten red rocks cleared, it exposed a Nether Brick bridge, leading towards Israphel. Just as Xephos approached Israphel, Stop, it said in the chat. As an answer, strange vines or wires wrapped around Lewis’ character. It’s just a game

The Walls 2 – Team Duncan and Hannah, Part 2

This Is My First Fanfiction So Please Be Nice, This story is a romantic tale between duncan and kim, It will also invole action and the other yogs later on so lets get started oh, so you don’t get confused there already dating “Lalna help! She rushed over saying his name, she was scaired of what has happened, she checked his pulse, it was faint and worriengly slow, she pulled him over to the elevator and up to ground level, she called Xephos and asked him to come and help: What’s going on, where am i, what are you doing to me, Where’s Lalna” I screamed at him “Nano, relax it’s ok, now do you remember when the door was locked that was because you had actually been consumed by the flux compleatly and went on a rampage whilst me and Lalna were talking about what you told him.

About an hour later Nano walks in expecting to find Xephos and Lalna, but instead findes a baddly damaged Xephos lying in a pool of blood on the ground, she ran over to him and helped him up “What happened here? Suddenly Lomidia rushed in to see me standing by his body, and tears came into her eyes to, “What There was a brief scilence before Lomadia sighed and said to Nano ” Protocall Em.

Lewis and Hannah are currently dating and he has admitted that she was a former Yognaught and that she posted a pictures of herself to Lewis and that developed to them being partners. Early Videos Bluexephos’s first videos were not that popular to begin with.

He is the fastest and most mobile mercenary on the battlefield unassisted. His Double Jump leaves slower opponents such as the Heavy struggling to keep up and helps him navigate the terrain while dodging incoming projectiles. Carrying a Scattergun , a Pistol , and a Bat , the Scout is an ideal class for aggressive fighting and flanking.

The Scout is a great class for quick “hit-and-run” tactics that can either sap away enemies’ health or kill them outright due to his ability to get in, do damage, and dash away before even being noticed. However, the Scout is tied with the Engineer , Sniper and Spy for having the lowest health of any class, leaving him vulnerable when he is on the front line; a fair trade-off for his ability to run in and out of a contested hot-spot very quickly, letting him lead the team to victory without the other team even noticing in time.

The Scout is an excellent choice for completing objectives quickly. He can capture control points and push carts at twice the rate of any other class. Only the Scout has this ability naturally; the Demoman and Soldier only have the same ability while holding or using the Pain Train. His speed also makes him perfect for capturing intelligence briefcases. The Scout is voiced by Nathan Vetterlein.

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We publicly state that we have factors when it comes to scanning, indexing and ranking. Generally, the number of algorithms is a casual number. For instance, one algorithm can be used to display a letter on the search results page. Therefore, we believe that counting the exact number of algorithms that Google uses is not something that is really useful [for optimizers].

The video first starts with Xephos and Honeydew introducing themselves, and inspecting their first map, finding themselves starting in a “snowy” biome. It is heavily implied to .

Across from him, Sips smiled. The grey man still had on his blue spacesuit from back in their Yoglabs days working on space travel. The bearded man however had changed out of his orange suit and donned denim dungarees over a white t-shirt. It had been three months since anyone had seen Hannah. All the two spacemen knew was that Nilesy had been staying with her and Lewis and Duncan have tried to stay in contact, not that they ever talked about what happened while they were in Yogcraftia, they even doubted the dwarf knew.

In truth, he had no idea if they would ever recover from what they went through. Simon might heal in time, Lewis and Duncan might a while after, but he was unsure if Hannah ever would. After a short amount of tension that seemed to silence even the captive Creeper itself, Sips sighed and spoke. Minty creased her eyebrows and looked down into her own beer. Unlike everyone else, she had had contact with Hannah and Nilesy, if only for a short period of time.

A few weeks ago, Hannah had tried to drink more than humanly possibly, despite Minty warning her not to. After a few hours of constant drinking, insisting everyone call her Lomadia, and threatening the pub-goers, Minty had sent a message to Nilesy telling him where she was and that she needed picking up. She laughed quietly at the image of the Scotsman dragging the owl lover out of her pub kicking and screaming for more beer.

The two turned around and Sips peered over their shoulder at the voice.

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Although from time to time they share their YoGPoDs’ which usually include a fan-made animation. The Yogscast are best known for their Minecraft series, where Simon and Lewis venture forth in Minecraft and explore new maps, Mods and far much more. Many people believe that the cause of the Yogscast’s success was sense of humour that Simon and Lewis hold.

Hello and welcome to The Yogscast! We’re a group of friends who love playing games and sharing it with you. We play a lot of multiplayer games like Gmod TTT and : K.

The girls were with Kim for the day and Lalna was working at Honeydew Inc again. Lalna and him had gone to Ridgedog over a month ago, after Lalna had developed signs of morning sickness. The Reaper told them he was pregnant again. At the time he was three months along. In the last week it was becoming increasingly difficult to hid the bump on his stomach. Lalna insisted it was okay and that the others would have to accept him regardless. If they didn’t, at least he had Rythian and the girls.

But now, Rythian felt something was wrong. He didn’t know what, and it worried him. It wasn’t the Queen, it was something It’s why he stood, overlooking the area for signs of what could be wrong. He began walking in a direction. He paused at the edge of the water that separated Blackrock from the rest of the people in the land. He adjusted the flying ring on his finger.


In their Diablo 3 unboxing, Simon can’t get the plastic packaging off Also serves as a Call-Back. Simon generally just drops these whenever something bad happens to him, Lewis, or a well-liked character during a game: Simon drops one of these in the single-player mode of Portal 2 , when he tries to smuggle the Companion Cube with him and it disintegrates. Simon drops 2 giant ones during their playthrough of a Left 4 Dead Map modded to look like Minecraft

Everyone thinks Sips and Sjin are dating. Well, everyone except Sips and Sjin. How Xephos, Honeydew, and Lalna learned not to assume. T for language.

Xephos looming over him, a curious worry etching his features. Already Lalnable could tell something was wrong, even though he wasn’t called Lalnable then. That name came later. Are you feeling alright? He had frowned then. Now let’s get you to work. Which do you prefer? Xephos sighed and consulted his clipboard, making a note. Curiousity was only for those higher up, mainly Xephos. They actually tasted pretty good! Admittedly, Xephos did notice a couple of testificates going missing but since it was Yoglabs, he probably thought a random anomaly opened up and ate them.

Oh My Gods!

We have to record Flux buddies, also is Lewis okay? Last night’s stream was a bit crazy. Don’t blame you if you aren’t, last night was crazy! A bit worried now. A few seconds passed before I heard the farmer’s voice.

(Yogscast Fanfiction heterochromia soulmate AU) “When a member of the human race is born, he or she is born with one eye they’re natural eye color. But the other eye is a symbol; a symbol in which hints toward you’re soul mate.

What was he doing in her forest? In the end it was the indignant dwarf at his side who had to answer the questions, his best friend standing up for him. The trees themselves had blazed in a ruddy glory of reds and oranges and brilliant yellows, lighting up the woods like living fire. A cool breeze ruffled hair the color of spun sunlight and hair such a dark brown it could almost be black.

Birds chirping and flitting around, trying to collect the last of their food before flying south for the oncoming winter. A warm presence, a slender form leaning comfortably against the curve of his side, head turned upwards as his was, watching the heavens above with a lazy wonder. Graceful fingers trailing carefully along the edge of his angular jaw before the cornflower and blue opal eyes were right across from his own.

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He stared at the stars counting how many there were. He came up to a pair of stars that shined brighter than the rest. The pair was twinkling at Xephos when he kept staring at them.

Hannah Rutherford, under the username Lomadia, is a Content Producer for the Yogscast. Hannah started working as the Public Relations Assistant in July , and later as the Operations Manager for the Yogscast, with her main jobs including reading and responding to fan mail and helping Lewis.

English people — The English are a nation and an ethnic group native to England, who speak the English language. The English identity is of medieval origin, when they were known in Old English as the Angelcynn. Their ethnonym is derived from the Angles, one of the Germanic peoples who migrated to Great Britain around the 5th century AD, England is one of the countries of the United Kingdom. Over the years, English customs and identity have become closely aligned with British customs.

The English people are the source of the English language, the Westminster system and these and other English cultural characteristics have spread worldwide, in part as a result of the former British Empire. The concept of an English nation is far older than that of the British nation, many recent immigrants to England have assumed a solely British identity, while others have developed dual or mixed identities.

Use of the word English to describe Britons from ethnic minorities in England is complicated by most non-white people in England identifying as British rather than English. In their Annual Population Survey, the Office for National Statistics compared the ethnic identities of British people with their national identity. Following complaints about this, the census was changed to allow respondents to record their English, Welsh, Scottish, another complication in defining the English is a common tendency for the words English and British to be used interchangeably, especially overseas.

In his study of English identity, Krishan Kumar describes a common slip of the tongue in which people say English, I mean British. He notes that this slip is made only by the English themselves and by foreigners. Kumar suggests that although this blurring is a sign of Englands dominant position with the UK and it tells of the difficulty that most English people have of distinguishing themselves, in a collective way, from the other inhabitants of the British Isles.

In , the historian A.

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